6th Innovation Forum: innovation and Entrepreneurship

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The deployment of the competitiveness of economies, regions and organizations highlights the need to activate innovation strategies at all levels. In that sense, the first condition is clear that we need to build a common understanding of how innovation. With a common language can activate innovation since its conception as a process and not as an event (sustainable innovation), which seeks to be practical and useful (competitive innovation).

To deepen the concept of sustainable innovation and competitive should go through the ten principles of inspiring innovation, helping to determine the extent of it. These principles are accompanied by inspiring Five Laws of Innovation, which project the challenges that we face in any system of innovation. The concept, principles and laws passed to a model of innovation, any innovation system, based on a Model of Innovation Competition (MIC).

Finally, it is to see the role of entrepreneurship within this general context of innovation as a key element of it. The individual entrepreneur is seen as set to the principal agent of innovation. How to understand the figure of the entrepreneur in the service of innovation is critical to creating open spaces of the entrepreneur. Moreover, the way that universities, businesses, government, etc. come to this area is critical to the smooth development.